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The political and economic environment of Bulgaria appears to be improving gradually and there is optimism on the part of the population about the prospects for increased economic growth.

After 2001 Bulgaria has managed to attract considerable amounts of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). During the financial crisis of 2007–2010, Bulgaria marked a decline in its economy of 5.5% in 2009, but quickly restored its growth to 1.8% in 2011, in contrast to other Balkan countries. EU membership was achieved in 2007. Future prospects are tied to the country's increasingly important integration with the European Union member states.

The drug market, especially for imports, is highly dependent on the general economic situation. The cheap, locally produced drugs barely cover basic care. Thus the need for imported pharmaceuticals is strong. Potential participants in this market can take advantage of regulatory conditions, which, at the moment, are still favourable.


Key facts and figures:


Area:   111'000 km2
Capital:   Sofia
Population:   7,18 million (2015)
Currency:   Bulgarian Lev (BGL)
Volume of pharmaceutical market:   EUR 1.33 billion (2015)
Of which imported drugs:   70%
No. of hospitals:   349
No. of physicians:   28'842
No. of pharmacies:   3'900
Our subsidiary:  

Ewopharma AG
Representative Office
24, Pirinksi prohod str.
BG-1618 Sofia
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